Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Bedhatu Jibicho Double Roast (Organic)


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This is a very special bean that we purchased for a very special project. We have partnered with Waldmet Cellars to help them create a Brambleberry Coffee Mead that will be coming out toward the end of this year (don’t worry, we’ll definitely post when it’s available for sale!).

These beans were chosen and have been roasted to bring out the just-perfect flavors for this mead. In this particular round we did a double roast, combining two batches of beans roasted at slightly different levels to bring out even more flavors.

This roast features berry aromas combined with raw sugar and a creamy mouthfeel. The fruit-forward nature of this coffee is balanced by an underlayment of chocolate and vanilla.

Since we’ve been doing test roasts to get our beans just right for the mead, we’ve really fallen in love with this bean and we felt we needed to share. We sourced these beans from Royal Coffee (click here to read the whole amazing story behind these beans) and we normally charge more for these very limited-run beans. But because we’re so excited about this project, we’ve put them on sale for our regular price.

These roasted beans will work great for pour over, espresso, French Press, or any other method of preparation. This is a very versatile roast.

These beans are organic and were processed using fully natural methods.

Each bag holds approximately 1 pound of whole roasted coffee beans.

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