About Us

We are W and B.

A couple decades ago W built a solar-powered skoolie.

Together, we ran an urban homestead in Washington until our neighbors ran us out of town.

We built our first “RV” – a 35-foot house on wheels. A woman still lives in it to this day somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula.

Then, we moved to North Idaho and built an off-grid cabin and maintained a homestead.

After a full four seasons in Idaho, we hit the road in our RV and drove in big circles for over three years.

Now, we’re setting up business on a 40-acre piece of the Mojave Desert that we call Lazy Triangle Ranch.

We are experienced at off-grid living, solar energy systems, hauling water, and arguing with goats. We are obsessed with identifying birds and mushrooms.

W roasts and brews epic coffee.

B is a published writer of short stories and a serial chicken-hugger.

Together we are off grid forever.