Off Grid Forever


  • Official launch of Off Grid Forever Coffee
  • RV solar electric system design, installation, and instruction
  • Free dry camping for solar electric system customers
  • Margaritaville at the desert lounge

Coming in 2021:

  • Off Grid Brewing and the Off Grid Distillery come to the desert lounge
  • RV design & renovation – you can buy way cool one-of-a-kind campers
  • Land sales – we’ll help you find your dream off-grid property

Coming in 2022:

  • Skills workshops – Learn renewable energy and sustainable living
  • Off-grid writing retreats
  • Off-grid property design and development, from survivalist to retirement properties

Lazy Triangle Ranch

Lazy Triangle Ranch is 40 acres of pristine desert located in the heart of Arizona. We have our own little Joshua Tree forest and an array of other desert plant life and animals. We also have a climbing wall.

At some point we will have a coffee bar, a mountain bike park, an outdoor tiki lounge, and an assortment of other things that have no business existing in the middle of the desert.

Off Grid Forever Coffee

Responsibly sourced coffee beans roasted using off-grid power sources.

We buy green beans from a few different high-end producers, and then we roast them using either a solar-powered roaster or a custom-built roaster we converted from a propane grill.

We are licensed food handlers and a registered business.

If you’re interested in our coffees, you can buy them in our online shop.


You can find us on the road less traveled.

Or you can simply email us at